Startup Investing 101 | 5 min read

The Evolution of the Funds Market

Venture capital funds have a long and storied history. They have seen ...

Startup Investing 101 | 6 min read

Investment Terms Glossary

Below you will find a list of terms and explanations to get you acquai...

Startup Investing 101 | 4 min read

Conquering the Term Sheet

Explore the fundamentals of deal terms in startup investing with the f...

Startup Investing 101 | 2 min read

The ABCs of Accreditation

OurCrowd’s platform is currently set up to accept members with accredi...

Startup Investing 101 | 8 min read

What Babe Ruth Could Teach About Maximizing Returns on Your Startup Investments

It seems a waste to talk about startup investing without sharing some ...

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