About OurCrowd | 4 min read

Why Startup Investing? Why Now?

This article is based on OurCrowd Founder & CEO Jon Medved's talk ...

About OurCrowd | 3 min read

Investing in Venture Funds with OurCrowd

Never before has startup investing been this accessible. Global ventur...

About OurCrowd | 4 min read

Why OurCrowd? 7 Reasons to Know Before Getting Started

Welcome to OurCrowd, a global leader in venture capital and equity cro...

About OurCrowd | 2 min read

Learn About the Different Ways to Build a Portfolio on OurCrowd

OurCrowd offers three ways to invest: deal by deal or Startup Select, ...

About OurCrowd | 2 min read

How OurCrowd Chooses Startup Investments

We frequently get asked about our investment methodology. Our investme...

About OurCrowd | 1 min read

The Secrets to a Winning Portfolio

Why did Uber, Nike, and Canon buy OurCrowd companies in April-May of 2...

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