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Investing with OurCrowd

How does OurCrowd's investment process work?

Through our extensive and growing network, OurCrowd pursues promising startups to invest in selective, high-demand investment rounds, often along top tier VCs. OurCrowd's team of investment professionals reviews between 150-200 startup companies every month, typically meeting 20-30 management teams face-to-face. OurCrowd then conducts in-depth due diligence and negotiation in order to select, on average, 2-3 investment opportunities per month. OurCrowd invests its own capital in every portfolio company alongside its investor community and provides the same terms as institutional co-investors in the round.


What are the options for investing with OurCrowd?

OurCrowd investors access investment opportunities in three ways: by selecting startups individually for investment (Startup Select), investing in funds, or via a pre-funded investment account called a Portfolio Reserve. Learn more about how to invest.

What is OurCrowd's fee structure?

Details about management fees and carried interest can be found here.

Why is accreditation a requirement?

OurCrowd offerings are made in the US pursuant to Rule 506(c) of Regulation D, which requires verification of "accredited investor" status of each investor. Early stage, privately-held companies are high-risk investments, and many countries require individuals to meet specific criteria before being allowed to participate in these investments. OurCrowd follows local regulations regarding accreditation, which vary country-by-country, but generally address the following two questions:

  • What are the criteria for the minimum level of income and/or net worth of investors who are allowed to participate in these types of investments?
  • What proof do investors have to provide in order to satisfy that they meet these criteria

Learn more about accreditation.

Why am I required to provide KYC?

To ensure OurCrowd continues to operate in full compliance with the highly regulated environment in which we operate, OurCrowd constantly reviews it processes to ensure we have appropriate and robust procedures in place to meet these regulatory demands. While we won't comment on the appropriateness and completeness of other companies' KYC protocols, we hope investors understand that our protocols are meant to ensure that we meet regulatory standards, protecting both OurCrowd and its investors.

Can residents of any country invest with OurCrowd?

Residents of most countries can invest with OurCrowd; the following are excluded from the list: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and the Crimea Region of the Ukraine.

Which currencies do you accept?

We accept any currency from the list of countries permitted to invest with OurCrowd, excluding the countries which cannot invest: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and the Crimea Region of the Ukraine.

Do you share portfolio company financials?

OurCrowd balances the requests investors have for sensitive and confidential information of portfolio companies which they have invested in or are considering investing in, with the confidentiality that portfolio companies and their Boards understandably demand.

What kind of documentation will I receive after I invest?

Once the investment round by OurCrowd has fully closed, you will receive the executed articles of partnership from our finance team. You can watch a video about how this process works the first time you make an investment on OurCrowd.

What kind of updates will I receive about my portfolio companies?

Investors receive quarterly reports containing updates on company progress and estimated metrics. When relevant, investors also receive a monthly digest of news featuring their portfolio companies, as well as other timely updates relating to investments.

How do I access quarterly updates and other documents?

When signed in, access the My Portfolio page in the top right to review quarterly updates and other documents.

Investments & Due Diligence

What sectors does OurCrowd invest in?

OurCrowd is sector, stage, and geography agnostic. We invest in a range of sectors ranging from Agriculture, Consumer, Cybersecurity, Energy, Enterprise, FinTech, Healthcare, Mobility, and more. View the Portfolio page for an idea of the range of our portfolio.

What is OurCrowd's due diligence process?

OurCrowd's vetting process is comprised of five phases:

  • Initial contact: 150-200 companies/month have initial contact with OurCrowd's investment team and are vetted accordingly.
  • Scheduled meetings: OurCrowd schedules initial pitch meetings with potential startups.
  • Due diligence: Various diligence meetings take place to dive further into analysis.
  • Investment committee: The startup is presented to OurCrowd's senior investment committee for a final decision.
  • Fundraising: Once the term sheet is signed, the startup is added as an investment opportunity on OurCrowd’s website platform. Expect closing to occur anywhere between 45-60 days from launch.

Should I do my own due diligence on companies?

OurCrowd provides extensive materials to help investors make their own investment decisions. This includes webinars with a company's founder/CEO, in-depth analysis by our investment team, company pitch deck, global events, and more. OurCrowd's due diligence materials are available on the currently funding startup's page, accessible when signed in, from Browse Portfolio.

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