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OurCrowd offers three ways to invest: deal by deal or Startup Select, funds, and pre-funded Portfolio Reserve.

Watch a short introduction to how to invest. 


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Startup Select

Invest in startups on an individual, deal-by-deal basis.

Out of thousands of companies reviewed every year, OurCrowd chooses 1-2% in which to invest. After a rigorous due diligence process, the company is added as a funding opportunity on the OurCrowd website. Review each funding company with due diligence material assembled by OurCrowd’s investment team.

Begin the investment process by clicking Invest on a funding company’s page. Learn more about Startup Select here.



Invest in traditional VC funds, at lower minimums than standard.

OurCrowd offers a selection of both internally and externally-managed funds, divided by sector, geography, and stage, to allow for diversification instantly with just one investment. All funds invested in by OurCrowd are overseen by experienced fund managers, selected by the OurCrowd team for their mentorship and management expertise.

Click on an available fund and invest in the same way as you would in an individual company. Learn more about Funds here.


Portfolio Reserve

Portfolio Reserve is OurCrowd’s VIP investment product which offers guaranteed allocation into all funding companies on the platform, including oversubscribed rounds and exclusive investments available ‘offline’. With Portfolio Reserve, you maintain full discretion to adjust investment amount per company or opt out from a particular funding company.

To set up a Portfolio Reserve, click Get Started and fill in the fields.

Select your total Portfolio Reserve amount, and the minimum allocation per company. Notice that a Portfolio Reserve account allows for lower minimums into each company, offering investors greater potential for diversification. Once submitted, OurCrowd will be in touch to confirm your account and complete the setup.

Learn more about Portfolio Reserve here.

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