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Why did Uber, Nike, and Canon buy OurCrowd companies in April-May of 2018? How do we ensure we get the best opportunities in winners like JUMP, Zebra, and BioCatch?

OurCrowd's investments are beginning to mature as evidenced by high-profile exits, bringing our total to 25 (as of November 2018). OurCrowd’s portfolio team, managed by Ron Stern (formerly at Disney Family Office, Pritzker, Kleiner Perkins), plays a large part in the growth, maturation, and successful exits of these companies, while carefully selecting the right inflection points in which to invest further.

Watch the below webinar about our processes and methodologies around portfolio management and follow-on investing. On the webinar you will:

  • Meet the team in charge of managing your investments
  • Learn how OurCrowd nurtures and develops the portfolio
  • Understand our investment philosophy behind choosing when to double down
  • Get a peek at what's to come for the OurCrowd portfolio

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