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Below you will find a glossary of terms and definitions for OurCrowd's seasoned and rookie investors alike:

Current Portfolio

Total Invested In Active Portfolio: Total cash invested in active SPVs, Funds and GP vehicles, excluding Portfolio Reserve balance and amount pending deal closure.

Fair Value: Total current estimated fair value of active SPVs, Funds and GP vehicles.

Portfolio Reserve Balance: Undeployed Portfolio Reserve capital available for investment.

Pending Deal Closure: Cash advanced to SPVs in respect of investment transactions that had not yet been legally completed and closed by the end of the quarter.

Pending Capital Calls: Unfunded capital commitments to Funds that will be called in the future.


Investments in Active Company SPVs

SPV: OurCrowd managed Special Purpose Vehicle partnership. Company - OurCrowd Portfolio Company in which an investment has been made through an OurCrowd SPV.

Security Type: Type of equity / debt securities purchased by an OurCrowd SPV in which the investor has invested.

Date: Date on which the OurCrowd SPV made the investment in the Portfolio Company.

Amount: Gross amount invested in the SPV by the investor.

Effective Ownership of Company: Portion of the portfolio company’s total equity attributable to the investor through their holding in an SPV. Ownership portions in respect to investments in convertible loans (“CLA”) for which the attributable ownership is to be determined at a later date pending conversion of the loan, are noted as TBD (to be determined).

Fair Value (including fee reserve): OurCrowd’s estimation of the fair market valuation in the portfolio company including the
remaining fee reserve at the reporting date.

Multiple: The value calculated by dividing the investment’s fair value by the amount invested. Any changes of 10% or higher in the multiple since the last quarter will be indicated in corresponding colors (green/red).



Company: OurCrowd Portfolio Company that have exited (acquired or IPO’d) or have been closed.

Investment Date: Date on which the OurCrowd SPV made the investment in the Portfolio Company.

Investment Amount: Gross amount invested in the SPV by the investor.

Exit Date: Date on which the exit has finalized or IPO held (or end of IPO lock up period where applicable).

Exit Proceeds to Date: Amounts received in respect of the exit that have been distributed to investors.

Estimated Future Proceed: Amounts to be received in the future in respect of exits including release of escrow withholdings and milestone payments.

Total Value: The total of Exit Proceeds to Date and Estimated Future Proceed (as defined above in this section).


Historical Statement

Total Invested to Date: Total amount of investments in active and non-active portfolio, excluding cash.

Total Value: Total value of active investments and proceeds from exits (including amounts of future proceeds not yet received or distributed) excluding cash held by custodian.

Multiple: The value calculated by dividing the Total Value by the Total Invested to Date.

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